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About Us

We are new, but not new!

Luminosity Digital may have been founded in 2023

but our owner has been in marketing for over 25 years.

So we're new, but not new.

Luminosity Digital, formally know as Aoife McIlraith Digital Marketing Consulting 

Photograph of Dun Laoghire marina in Dublin, Ireland.  Location of Luminosity Digital Digitla Marketing Agency.  Image shows blue sea water at the front with the long west pier behind. Boats with tall masts sitting in calm water.  Howth head showing in the background and the sky is blue, bright and with floating white clouds.  Copywrite 2023 Luminosity Digital.

We get to see this view everyday, what's not to love!

Luminosity Digital

Dun Laoghaire Marina, Dublin, Ireland

Our Story

Aoife McIlraith, MD & Owner of Luminosity Digital, a Digital Marketing Agency based in Ireland.  Portrait shot of Aoife standing with right hand in back pocket.  She has blond curly hair and blue eyes.  She is wearing a short leved dark blue wook crew neck top.

Luminosity Digital is a Digital Marketing consultancy and agency based in Dublin, Ireland.

We are a boutique agency made up of a fully remote multinational team.

We are team with 25+ years of expert marketing experience, management and global operations.

Experts in digital strategy and we have been doing SEO since Ask Jeeves was a thing (if you know, you know).  We find and secure partnerships with the very best marketers across Europe and beyond.  Ensuring we provide our clients fully flexible, scalable services, strategies and tactical execution to grow their businesses and brands online.

Luminosity Digital Ltd, formally know as "Aoife McIlraith Digital Marketing Consultancy" is a new - not new - marketing company that grew from expert consultancy services, customer success and a demand that required larger scale and bigger expert teams.


Aoife founded Luminosity Digital with continuing her simply ethos of "Here to Help".

Our Team has worked with Global Brands to Start Ups

We brings years of expertise and experience to your digital requirements

Just some of the Brands the team has worked with over the years 

British Airway Logo - Bleu and Red on white back ground
Expedia Logo Yellow box, back broken arrow poiitng up and to the right, brand text in black
Google logo;  colour text on white background. G in blue, O in red then yellow, G in blue, L in green, E in red
Microsoft Logo - Four colour squares with Grey Text on white background
Inte logo, new.  text all lower case and all in black expect the dot over the I which is blue
Semrush log;  organe logo, black text on white background
Canon logo.  Text all red on white background
Kinder logo; Text K in black, red in red on white background
Starbucks logo, just image no text. Image green and white in a circle on white background
Volvo Trucks logo.  Siver logo with blue text on white background
Seoulist Beauty logo.  Black text with head of girl with ponytail over her head on right, All black on white background
Bearhug Logo:  outline of a bear looking from back with bear head turned to the right. Text in white on bears back, White background

Does your business need an expert digital team? Got questions?
We are here to help!
Get in touch, tells us what you need and
we can help you figure out the rest. 

No Jargon, Just Action

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